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Speaker Welch Announces New Appointment to House Democratic Leadership Team

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Speaker Emanuel “Chris” Welch today announced Representative Frances Ann Hurley as the new whip of the Democratic Moderate Caucus (Mod Caucus), a relatively new caucus of like-minded members who advocate for a balanced, steady approach to lawmaking. “The Mod Caucus has made an excellent choice in selecting Representative Hurley as their whip, and I welcome her to the leadership team as we continue to do the people’s work,” said Speaker Welch. “As Democrats, we are proud of our diversity and want to bring together ideas from all corners of our party as one common agenda for everyday families.”

“I am proud to represent the Mod Caucus as we tackle a number of issues that will impact the state for years to come: from revitalizing our economy to our fiscal house, public safety and law enforcement, human services, and education,” said Representative Hurley. “Honoring the Mod Caucus’s request for a whip is a great example of Speaker Welch’s promise to lead in a more decentralized and inclusive manner.”

As whip, Representative Hurley will join a cohort of members empowered to rally Democratic sub-caucuses around key issues and pieces of legislation. The full list of whips include: State Rep. Kam Buckner Black Caucus Whip State Rep. Deb Conroy Women’s Caucus Whip State Rep. Will Guzzardi Progressive Caucus Whip State Rep. Frances Hurley Moderate Caucus Whip State Rep. Theresa Mah Asian Caucus Whip State Rep. Aaron Ortiz Latinx Caucus Whip State Rep. Larry Walsh, Jr. Downstate Caucus Whip Representative Hurley’s appointment is effective immediately.

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