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Buckner Shares Legal Aid Resources

CHICAGO – With the COVID-19 outbreak impacting every facet of everyday life, state Rep. Kam Buckner, D-Chicago, is reminding residents legal aid is available to them during these difficult times.

“Navigating the legal system can be difficult and stressful at any point, but it is even more challenging during times of crisis,” Buckner said. “No one should be forced to deal with legal issues alone, which is why I am encouraging those who need legal help and advice to reach out to one of the many legal aid resources that are available.”

During the COVID-19 outbreak, multiple legal clinics are still assisting individuals seeking legal advice for civil issues, including topics such as public benefits, housing laws and health care laws. These resources can be accessed both through the internet and through the phone and are either low-cost or free. For more information on organizations offering legal aid, please visit

“The first step in ensuring that residents are receiving the help they deserve is just to have the correct information,” Buckner continued. “I am deeply appreciative of all of the organizations providing accessible help to those who need it most during this difficult time.

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