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Buckner Expresses Support for Puerto Rico, Encourages Illinois Residents to Help if Able

Sep 20, 2022 | Buckner

CHICAGO – State Rep. Kam Buckner, D-Chicago, issued the following statement Tuesday as Puerto Rico faces devastation from Hurricane Fiona:

“The people of Puerto Rico – and their families here in Illinois – are in my prayers today.

“It is incredibly difficult to see the images of devastation and loss. It underscores the need for our country to take quick action to provide as much support as possible. Here in Illinois, we must welcome and help those who are displaced.

“If able, I encourage residents to consider supporting local organizations that are working to provide relief for those impacted, including the Puerto Rican Cultural Center. We cannot only care about this tragedy today; we must prioritize support that helps the people of Puerto Rico rebuild tomorrow as well. Let’s choose to help.”

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