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Buckner Advocates for Essential Workers, Promotes Child Care Assistance During COVID-19

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

CHICAGO – Supporting essential workers and their families, state Rep. Kam Buckner, D-Chicago, is promoting state and federal child care services during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

“As essential workers continue to put their health on the line in the fight against this outbreak, we must work together to support them and their families,” said Buckner. “These state and federal child care services will help ensure our community’s working families can access the care and resources they need during this health crisis.”

Buckner is raising awareness that individuals deemed as ‘Essential Workers’ during the COVID-19 outbreak can find child care resources and support by visiting the Governor’s Office of Early Childhood Developments website at under the COVID-19 section. In addition, a dedicated help line has been created so Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies can help connect workers to emergency child care by calling 888-228-1146. The helpline will be available from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday to answer calls, but callers will be able to leave a message 24 hours a day.

“While these resources are a crucial step, I also recognize there remains a lot of work to be done to ensure our working families can access the resources and support they truly deserve,” said Buckner. “No matter the zip code, every family is deserving of compassion, empathy and care.”

Residents can also stay informed on developments with the COVID-19 pandemic by reviewing information provided on the State of Illinois’ exclusive website at Residents who want to share their thoughts or require assistance on this matter or any other issue in the community can reach Buckner at 773-924-1755 or by email at

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