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Ahead of Filing Deadline, Buckner Highlights Tax Filing Tips

CHICAGO – With one week until the federal and state deadlines for filing 2019 tax returns, state Rep. Kam Buckner is highlighting filing tips for local residents.

“Filing taxes can be a daunting and overwhelming process, but free filing services and assistance are available from the IRS and state government,” Buckner said. “Additionally, the IRS and state government offer payment plans for people facing financial hardships.”

This year, the federal and state deadline for filing 2019 tax returns was moved to July 15 due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to the IRS, nearly 70 percent of federal taxpayers are eligible for the IRS’s Free File service, which can be accessed at The Free File service also identifies free state tax filing options available through IRS providers. Through the Illinois Department of Revenue’s (IDOR) MyTax Illinois website, which can be accessed at, all Illinois taxpayers are eligible for free filing of state taxes.

Taxpayers who may need additional time to file their taxes can request an extension through October 15 from the IRS for federal taxes. For state taxes, IDOR offers an automatic extension through October 15. For state and federal taxes, any taxpayer receiving a filing extension must estimate their taxes owed and pay any liability by July 15 or they may potentially face interest and penalties.

Payment plans are also available for federal and state taxes. For federal taxes, the IRS offers an online payment plan application for short-term payment plans of less than 120 days and long-term payment plans of more than 120 days. Taxpayers interested in payment plans for state taxes must complete IDOR’s form CPP-1 Installment Payment Plan Request, which can be accessed at, and then the department determines eligibility for a payment plan.

Individuals needing support state tax issues can call IDOR’s tax help hotline at 1-800-732-8866 or visit For assistance or questions concerning federal taxes, individuals can call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 or visit

“With just days to go before Tax Day, it’s important that taxpayers know there are free, trusted software solutions available to help them file their taxes as well as payment plans available for families in financial distress,” Buckner said. “I strongly encourage residents to utilize the expert resources of the IRS and IDOR for tax questions and concerns as filing day approaches.”

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